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COVID-19 Notice

We at Sanjay Kumar's Dental Clinic and Dental Studio take the utmost care of our customers. To maintain the same, we are taking all the precautionary measures suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to prevent all the health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We take the following measure to ensure the safety of our customers:

1. We check our temperature on an hourly basis.

2. We check the temperature of every customer at the doorstep.

3. Sanitizing hands is compulsory at the entrance of the office. We have installed sanitizers to make sure of that.

4. We sanitize our hands and disinfect the clinic regularly.

5. We have a strict policy of keeping face masks on unless specified by the staff.

6. Certain dental operations are temporarily terminated for safety purposes. 

We hope you are safe and healthy in such difficult times. Staying hygienic is now more critical than ever. So, let's not neglect our dental hygiene either. 

Stay Safe and Take Care.

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