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Never Ignore These 6 Common Dental Problem

Do teeth matter? Why do people spend so much money on a dentists appointment? To answer your questions - yes, they matter. Good oral healthcare is as important as mental and physical care. One toothache can affect us so much - I am sure we must have experienced it at some point in our lives. Not just for eating, but teeth affect our self-confidence likewise. Now that it's clear that they need to be treasured - but how? The number 1 rule is to brush twice a day and floss regularly, with periodic visits to your dentist. To know more about how you can bring change to your oral to keep those teeth healthy and white - click here. However, even after following all the tips religiously, we can confront minor underlying dental problems. Bummer. But don't worry, we at Delhi Dentist Clinic are here to make you aware about these problems and how you can prevent them. 1) Bad breath Bad breath - we all have faced this issue at some point in our lives. Might have also received an embarrassing comment about the same too. Yeesh. It can happen due to dry mouth when it's not making enough saliva. Or it can happen because of the consumption of garlic, onion or tobacco. There are a hundred types of bacteria right now present in your mouth. When we eat anything, some of these bacteria feed on that food and release a foul smell. But if you have eliminated all the causes mentioned above, it can be due to a severe mouth infection. 2) Bleeding Gums One of the most prevalent problems nowadays is bleeding gums. The buildup of plaque on your gums can be the reason for recurrent bleeding. Vigorously rubbing teeth's with a brush can lead to occasional bleeding of gums. Another reason can be the presence of Gingivitis - which if left untreated can lead to severe gum diseases and eventually tooth loss. With bleeding, if you see your gums red and swollen as well, visit your dentist. 3) Stains on Teeth There can be many reasons for tooth stains. It can occur as a result of residue from some food or drink like tea, cola etc. Such discolouration can easily be remedied with brushing and flossing daily. Discoloured teeth can also be a side effect of a medicine or an ongoing medical treatment like chemotherapy, high blood pressure medicines etc. 4) Tooth Decay Tooth decay is damage to the tooth's surface or enamel. There are some bacteria present in our mouth, which are essential, and some of them are not. It happens when bacteria present in our mouth makes acid and attack on enamel. But don't take this casually as it can cause cavities. And untreated decays can cause pain, infection and tooth loss. 5) Crooked Teeth Teeth naturally aren't flawlessly aligned are different to each individual. But if you are not happy with the way they look or if they are causing issues with eating or speech - there are various techniques to have them realigned. To read more about this, click here. 6) Receding Gums When your gums pull back from the surface, they expose the root surface of your teeth. This disease is called as receding gums. It can be caused due to aggressive brushing technique, diabetes, smoking and buildup of plaque. Swollen gums, exposed roots, sensitivity, bad breath can be the symptoms. A dentist can determine the best way of treatment to save your receding gum tissues—the quicker the diagnosis and treatment, the better the outcome. If you think you're suffering from any of the problems - book an appointment with us, and we will see to your concerns and doubts!

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