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Do you have a missing tooth? Then you should read this.

There can be several reasons to have a gap in your teeth - it can be due to extraction or due to displacement. Teeth are missing for various causes such as decay, some disease, or even due to genetics. It is vital to replace missing teeth because when there is a gap between teeth, there is no touch with the opposite arch. This can cause opposing teeth to extrude slowly, which can create other problem, such as dislocations, stirring in surrounding teeth, and gum problems.

Also, missing teeth can impact your self-confidence negatively when you smile, and you might become more insecure. As this wise man said - prevention is always better than cure. Do not lose the tooth - the same can be implanted and can substantially cost you less. To replace a missing tooth with implants. There can be three ways - crowns, bridges or dentures. To know more about each treatment in depth - stay tuned. And if you have missing teeth - see your dentist, now!

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