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How Teeth Affects Your Posture And Back Pain.

There can be a close link between your back pain and oral health. Are you surprised? Continue reading to know why.

Until a few decades ago, people thought that the skull was supported by the neck tissues only and moved by our compliance to stand straight. Over a period, we realized with the invention of gnathology medicine that on top of the first cervical vertebra, the jaw has an essential role in supporting the head.

After establishing that, it’s clear that what occurs in the mouth can add to symptoms anywhere in the body.

The enigma might be as simple as grinding your teeth.

When someone grinds their teeth, it causes a front head posture. If they are continually grinding their teeth, this forward head posture can quickly cause strain on the neck.

Almost up to 60 per cent of people who endure pain at the back of their head or suffer from headache fall into this section.

Ultimately, this front head posture can also cause further back problems.

Hence, it is essential to treat the cause of the problem at first rather than fixing or eradicating the symptoms.

To keep your posture right, here are some tips that you must follow:

  • Always make an effort to stand, sit and lie down properly.

  • While sleeping, use a proper pillow.

  • While walking, try to keep your head straight.

  • If you are reading for a long period, keep your book up in front of you - at the same level with your eyes.

  • Take regular breaks if you have a desk job.

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