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Keep those teeth healthy and white with these simple tips.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Teeth are underrated. And to keep your sparkling smile wholesome, it requires a lifetime of care. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps to keep our gums and teeth healthy - from teens until old age.

Brush twice a day: Day and Night.

Elders can never be wrong. Brushing at night is an excellent way to get rid of the germs and plaque that collect throughout the day.

Don't ignore your tongue.

All that sweet taste of cheesecake, spicy flavour of chicken wings - thanks to our tongues. So, how can we neglect taking care of them? Good dental hygiene requires not just brushing or flossing but also cleaning your tongue. Plaque can develop up on your tongue, which can lead to bad mouth odour and other oral infections.

Flossing is as important as brushing.

The bristles of a brush cannot reach the small little corners of your teeth. Hence, regular flossing is essential to get those tiny pieces of food that are stuck in between your teeth and let's say if you do not, that can be a little gross.

Change your toothbrush often.

We sometimes forget to change our brushes and continue to keep using the same for quite a long time. They should be changed at least 3-4 times a year. We would suggest instead of using the plastic one, try using a bamboo brush. Save the earth, too while saving teeth!

Mouthwash helps in limiting tooth decay.

Mouthwash prevents terrible mouth odour, gingivitis and gum disease by killing the bacteria. The area where a floss or brush cannot reach, mouthwash aids.

Don't Smoke

Tobacco in cigarettes stains teeth and increases the risk of gum infection. Time to quit smoking?

Lessen your consumption of sugary and acidic foods.

The saddest truth in this world - sugar is neither good for our health not for our teeth. Sugar converts into acid in our mouth, enabling tooth decay. Acidic food can also erode tooth enamel. So it is always advised to brush your teeth if you eat something of this sorts.

Drink more water.

Water helps in washing down acidic and sticky food after a meal. One more benefit added to the list!

Jaw exercise - eat crunchy food.

Make those jaws work! Yes, exercising jaws is a must. Not just for a perfect jawline, but also to keep them healthy and strong. Instead of eating a lot of processed mushy food, eat more of crunchy food and vegetables.

Visit your dentist at least twice in six months.

Not just saying to promote our business, but even after these steps, routine checkups are essential. A dentist can also help you in preventing a potential threat to that beautiful, charming smile. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now!

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