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Sip All Day - Get Decay!

Aerated drinks, commonly known as soft drinks, are the most consumed beverage in India after tea and water. Associated with diabetes, heart disease, infertility issues, obesity and tooth decay - the culprit is the high amount of sugar present in these drinks.

I think we have given you enough reasons already to quit drinking soft drinks. But still, let's go in-depth and understand how it affects tooth decay.

Dental decay occurs when acid softens the hard tissues of the tooth, stripping away the surface layers, which can cause sensitivity too.

To replace the lost minerals, dentists might need to add a filling or crown.

The damage can increase can also cause cavities which again can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Hence it is advised to go for routine check-ups to a dentist.

In simple terms, the bacteria in our mouth gets energy from sugar. During this, it produces acid, which can cause cavities and erosion to occur.

Even drinks that are marked "healthy" or "natural" can also contain a lot of amount of sugar. Always check the ingredients side of any drink that you consume.

There are many substitutes that you can opt to remove these drinks from your life. Some of them are:

  • Water

  • Unsweetened

  • Tea

  • Cow Milk

  • Soy Milk

  • Diluted Juice

Even after this if you cannot resist the urge - it's okay, we all have been there.

Make sure always to rinse your mouth after every meal and brush your teeth twice a day. And of course, don't forget the timely check-ups!

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